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Hbc Brinell Hardness Tester
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  • Model:HBST-3000
  • HBST-3000 touch screen digital display Brinell hardness tester, software system using computer intelligent programming, using photoelectric sensing technology, through independent selection of test conditions, on the 5.6-inch touch multi-function display can display test methods, upper and lower limits, measurement pressure Trace length, hardness value, conversion value, test force, holding time, number of measurements, and can input year, month, date, test results and data processing, etc., and can output measurement data through built-in printer or connect with computer through data interface network. The optical system uses high-magnification LED optical measurement, high image clarity, adjustable brightness, and long-term operation is not suitable for fatigue. The hardware system adopts advanced electronic sensor loading technology. Through the closed-loop control system, the CPU controls the sensor to collect signals, the stepping motor automatically loads and unloads the test force, and can automatically compensate the test force to ensure more accurate force value and more indication value. stable. It is also equipped with an emergency stop device that complies with EU CE safety standards. It has humanized operation, more reliable stability and safety.           

    Main features:
    1. This machine has the characteristics of high precision, high repeatability and stability, easy operation, convenient and practical, and high cost performance.
    2. With 10 levels of test force, can test a wider range;
    3. Configure the digital display micro eyepiece and accurate data calculation system, you can directly display the hardness value with a single click;
    4. The system comes with a calibration function, you can manually adjust the input error calibration instrument
    5. Optical system brightness adjustable range: 0-100
    6. Can store up to 100 sets of test data
    7. The operating system can be converted in Chinese and English
    8. The main interface can display 4 conversion scales at the same time, and can be switched: national standards, American standards and international standards
    9. Equipped with built-in printer to output measurement data or network with computer to transfer host measurement data to computer for editing and saving;
    10. Equipped with high-performance stepper motor automatic loading and unloading test force, the noise generated during the test is smaller
    11. Using photoelectric sensor technology and microcomputer control system, it can automatically compensate, and the test results are accurate and stable;
    12. Automatically input the indentation diameter, directly display the hardness value, can achieve double display of any hardness unit, avoiding the cumbersome lookup table;
    13. Self-occupation design high-magnification LED optical measurement, high image clarity, adjustable brightness, long-term operation is not suitable for fatigue;
    14. The shell is cast once, the structure is stable and not deformed, and it can work in a harsh environment;
    15. The surface is treated with automobile paint, which has strong scratching ability and is still bright and new for many years;

    Scope of use:
    1. Suitable for hardness test with large grain metal materials, which can reflect the comprehensive performance of materials;
    2, cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, especially for softer metals such as pure aluminum, lead, tin, etc.

    3, can be used for the determination of hard plastics, bakelite and other non-metallic materials hardness tester

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