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Somerville-type Pulp Screening Fractionator
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    Pulp screen is used in pulping papermaking laboratory, it can be used to wipe off those impurity in the pulp, to measure the impurity content in the pulp, to reduces those not to conform to the technological requirement impurity quantity that suspending liquid in the papermaking experiment in the paper pulp so that we can obtains the pure good thick liquid. 

    The pulp flat screen type (Somerville-type screening) is used to sift the impurities in the slurry and determine the content of impurities such as debris in the pulp. It is used in the pulp and paper laboratory. The screening machine can reduce the amount of impurities in the pulp suspension that do not meet the process requirements, and obtain a clean good pulp. The machine is a flat-plate vibrating screen machine with a size of 270×320. It can be equipped with sieve plates with different specifications. It is a kind of pulp that will be used to screen pulp fibers by vibrating vacuum suction. At the same time, the machine can also be used as a flat screen.

    The purpose of sieving is to separate impurities such as debris from the mechanical pulp, and large viscous materials, plastics, sediment, iron filings and flakes in the pulp regenerated fibers, which are then inspected and quantified.

    The flat screen sieving machine adopts a speed reducer to drive the cam through the connecting shaft, vibrating the bottom plate up and down, so that the slurry generates high frequency vibration, the qualified slurry passes through the sieve joint, and the unqualified fiber and slag remain on the sieve plate. 

    The flat screen sizing machine has small volume, adjustable vibration frequency, simple disassembly of the sieve plate and convenient operation. Different frequencies can be selected according to the slurry to achieve the best effect and provide the most reliable experimental data for production.

    In other part, you can used lab pulp screen to screen different length fibers that you need by change different mesh number screen.  Meet to TAPPI T275,TAPPI UM242,PAPTAC C.11P.

    Technical indicator
    Screen frame size: 305mm*254mm
    Screen selection: 0.10/0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30mm Depending on the type of fiber (standard 0.15mm)
    Vacuum chamber amplitude: 3.2mm
    Screening: L45*W0.15mm (Standard)
    Number of sieve joints: 756
    Sieve plate replacement: the sieve plate can be replaced at any time, and the replacement takes about 2 minutes.
    Slurry vibration frequency: 690~700rpm, manual adjustment, digital display
    Control system: equipped with timing control system
    Meet the standard: TAPPI275, UM242.
    Water source requirements: water flow rate 8.6 L / min; water pressure 18 psi (1.23 Kg / cm2).
    Water level constraint: three-level water level limit label
    Power supply: 220V/50Hz

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