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    Pulps screened tester is applying to separate fibers into different grades to test the ratio of different length fibers , testing length of fiber for pulp making laboratory making use of screen method . It is used to test the rate of fiber that with different length, to control fiber distribution situation in pulps .It is according to GB/T 2678.1-1993,TAPPI T233cm-95 and SCAN M6.

    Principle: The pulp suspension is injected into a sifter, each sieve container is provided with a sieve mesh, and the container is stepped. When the pulp suspension flows from one container to another, different fiber lengths are retained on different sieves. The pulp has a fiber length that is consistent with the mesh size of the sieve. After a certain time at a certain water flow rate. The fibers on each sieve plate were collected, dried, and constant weight, and the results were reported on the mass percentage of the input sample according to the amount of fiber remaining on each mesh.

    Related standard
    TAPPI T233cm-82,GB/T 2678.1,SCAN M6 

    Technical data
    Screened level: 4 level 
    Screened capacity:10L 
    Rotate speed:(580±40)r/min 
    Sieve mesh number: 14M, 28M, 48M, 100M 
    Water flux: 2~18L/min adjustable (according to standards you need) 
    Screened time: 0~9999min adjustable (according to standards you need) 
    Draining efficiency:R0.50mm/97H/cm2 
    Frame material: 304# stainless steel 
    Pulp chest material: 304# stainless steel 
    Filtration groove:304# stainless steel  
    Dimension: 1780mm*520mm*1680mm   
    Gloss weight:130Kg  
    Water situation: continuous water supply 
    Power: 240W/380V 
    Normal screen: 
    Screen for long fiber: 10M,14M,28M,48M. 
    Screen for middle fiber : 14M,28M,48M,100M. 
    Screen for short fiber: 28M,48M,100M,200M.

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