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Thermal shock test chamber
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    BN-QS Series Three - zone Thermal shock testing chamber exposes products to alternating low and high temperatures to accelerate failures caused by temperature cycles or thermal shocks during normal use. The transition between temperature extremes occurs very rapidly.

    And thermal shock testing is different from thermal cycling, the latter being a longer and slower process.

    Product Features
    Three - zone separation thermal shock chamber design: low, ambient and high temperature 
    Cascade refrigeration system with semi-hermetic compressor and CFC free refrigerant
    Adopts unique cool storage and heat storage technology and specimen placed still in test zone
    Uses world famous core components ensuring high efficient and reliable performance
    7 inch TFT true color LCD touch screen is more bigger than other screens, is more intuitive, simpler, bigger, more stable and more energy-efficient than other screens
    Modular refrigeration unit to ensure manufacturing quality and convenient replacement and maintenance
    Multiple safety protection measures include failure alarm indication and display of failure cause and troubleshooting
    Sound sealing performance
    Using advanced automatic defrosting technology effectively cuts defrosting time and improves machine's efficiency
    Complete hermetic compressor, CFC free refrigerant, plate heat exchanger and cascade ultra-low temperature refrigeration system 
    Optional PC remote monitoring computer and software implementation of redundant design can be connected to PC computer and touch screen controller


    General Specifications

    High Temperature Chamber - +60°C+200°C

    Test Chamber - -40°C+150°C / -55°C+150°C / -65°C+150°C

    Low Temperature Chamber - -55°C-10°C / -70°C-10°C / -80°C-10°C

    Ambient Temperature: +5°C+35°C

    Low/High Temperature Exposure Time: 30 min

    Recovery Time: within 5 min


    Main technical parameters:



    BN-QS-80 (A~C) 

    BN-QS-150 (A~C)

    BN-QS-250 (A~C) 

    BN-QS-408 (A~C) 

    Internal Dimension  

    WxHxD ( mm) 






    External Dimension  

    WxHxD (mm) 






    Temperature Range

     of Testing zone 

    Type A:-40 ºC~+150ºC

    Type B:-55ºC ~+150ºC  

    Type C:-65ºC ~+150º

    Low temp. chamber




    Pre-cooling time

    +20°C-55°C within 60 min

    +20°C-70°C within 60 min

    +20°C-80°C within 60 min

    High temp.chamber


    Preheating time

    +60°C+200°C within 20 min

    Recovery time

    High-temp. exposure 30 min

    Low-temp.exposure 30 min

    Recovery time within 5 min

    Safety devices

    No Fuse Breaker

    Compressor Over Pressure/Heat/Current/Temperature Protection

    Fan Overload Protection

    Safety Fuse

    Dry Combustion Protector

    Water Shortage Protection

    Standard accessory

    Cable port (portΦ50mm)*1, shelves*2

    Interior material

    Stainless steel plateSUS 304

    Exterior material

    painting steel or stainless steel(SUS304)

    Insulation material

    Rigid polyurethane foam and glass fiber wool

    Refrigeration system

    Air Cooled Water Cooled Type is optional

    Semi-hermetic compressor, cascade stage refrigeration system, CFC free refrigerantHFC-404 and HFC-23


    7-Inch LCD touch-screen panel (Chinese or English language modes)

    Operation modes: program or setting

    Memory capacity: 120 programs,1200 stepsall repeat 999 cyclespart repeat 99 cycles

    Accuracy: temp.: 0.1%of F.S±1 digit; humidity: 0.1%of F.S±1 digit

    Input: temp.: pt-100; humidity: pt-100 or 5V DCV

    Ambient temp.


    Power supply

    AC 380±10%50Hz , 3 Phase 4 Wires + Ground Wire


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