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Water Rain Spray Test Chamber
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  • Model:BN-IPX Series
  • I. Applications:

    The rain test chamber is suitable for external lighting and signaling devices and automotive lamp housing protection, providing a wide range of environments such as fidelity analogue electronic products and their components that may be exposed to water and spray during transportation and use. To achieve the detection of a variety of products, waterproof performance.


    II. Features:

    1. The material of the outer box is made of high quality (t = 1.2mm) A3 steel plate CNC machine tool forming, shell surface spray treatment, more smooth, beautiful;

    2. Inner material of chamber: Imported high grade stainless steel (SUS304);

    3. Insulation material: Rigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber;

    4. Rotary table: PVC hard board (corrosion-resistant);

    5. The parts contact with water all are stainless steel or copper material;

    6. Control system optional simple programming controller or hot technology independent development of full-color touch control system;

    7. Control interface friendly, simple operation, operation stable, low noise design, low carbon energy saving;

    8. Swing tube with stepper motor drive, accurate angle, the swing rate can be set and adjusted, each group of nozzles are the center of the turntable radiation, the test is completed automatically compressed air to clean water stains;

    9. Original nozzle, water column does not spread, and with angle adjustment device.

    10. Automatic lift water surface function;

    11.Germanyoriginal high-pressure pump, jet-type heating device;

    12. To prevent the impurities in the water plug the nozzle, equipped with water quality filtration system;

    13. large area of visualization of glass doors, easy to observe the measured samples in test box;


    III. Related test standards:

    1, GJB150.8 rain test method

    2, Water resistance test method GB2423.38

    3, IEC60068-2-68 Water resistance test method

    4, GB4208 water resistance test method

    5, IEC60529 water resistance test method

    6, GB / T4942.1 water resistance test method

    7, IEC60034-5 Water resistance test method

    8, ISO 20653 Water resistance test method


    IV. Main technical parameters:




    Inner dimensions (mm)



    External dimensions (mm)



    Performance indicators

    Spray ring radius


    Pipe diameter


    Nozzle diameter


    Aperture spacing


    Swing tube swing

    ±45±60±90±180°(Theoretical value)

    Test bench speed

    1r/min, can also be stepless speed (optional)

    Operation control system


    Import frequency converter

    Time controller

    Import Programmable Time Computer Integrated Controller (Admiralty Moeller)

    Water pressure control


    Observation surface

    Large area visualized tempered glass door

    Water supply system

    Storage tank, booster pump

    Safety protection

    Leakage, short circuit, motor overheating


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