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Sand Dust test chamber
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  • Model:BN-CS Series
  • I. Applications:

    This Dust test chamber is used to simulate the natural climate sand on the destructive nature of the product, suitable for testing the product shell sealing performance, mainly for the enclosure protection level standard IP5X and IP6X two levels of the test. Vertical circulation of the air with dust, and the test dust can be recycled, the entire duct is made of imported high-grade stainless steel plate, the bottom of the duct and the cone hopper interface connection, fan inlet and outlet directly connected with the duct, and then in the appropriate location The top of the studio will be the top of the expansion of access to the studio body, the formation of "O" closed vertical blowing dust blowing system, so that the air flow can flow smoothly, the maximum dust evenly dispersed. Using a single high-power low-noise centrifugal fan, and using the frequency converter to adjust the wind speed according to the test requirements.


    II. Structural features

    1. With a strong dust collection device, the user can independently control F1, F2, F3 on the panel conditions.

    2. The use of vibration equipment can make each dust concentration the same.

    3. Precise dust concentration collector, can reduce the wrong concentration due to improper operation.

    4. dust and dust flow type can be shared.

    5. This dust test chamber mainly for testing the product of the shell sealing performance, mainly for the protection of the enclosure standard in the provisions of the IP5X and IP6X two levels of the test.


    III. Main technical parameters:





    Inner dimensions (mm)





    Talcum powder

    Duration time

    2 hours or 8 hours

    Test temperature


    Test humidity


    Nominal diameter of metal mesh


    Line spacing between lines


    Wind speed


    Dust concentration


    Dust requirements

    Meet the requirements of JIS6 (or corresponding national standards)

    Oscillator cycle


    Blowing dust setting

    Continuous, cycle blowing dust, choose time

    Material of outer box

    High - quality cold - rolled steel plate electrostatic spray

    Material of inner box

    SUB304 quality stainless steel plate precision welding

    Insulation material

    Ultra - fine glass fiber cotton

    safety protection

    Over-temperature limit alarm protection, power leakage, short circuit, phase protection, under-voltage protection

    Power supply configuration


    Standard configuration

    Gas flow meter, air interface, pressure gauge, oil and water separator


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