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Rubber rotorless rheometer
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  • Model:BN-4000B
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    Rubber rotorless rheometer, also named of Alpha movind die rheometer, used for the analysis and determination of rubber vulcanization process, such as scorch time, positive curing time, curing rate, viscoelastic modulus and vulcanization flat period and other performance indicators. This rubber rotorless rheometer is a testing equipement for testing the quality of rubber products and the development of new products.


    Main features

    1. The instrument uses a real closed cavity, and the United States Alpha (the original Monsanto) the same. Repeatability and test data are comparable to alpha. In the international industry in the leading position.

    2. The instrument based on large-scale database development platform, temperature control device using software direct control and acquisition and processing. This technology leads the international trend.

    3. The instrument has statistics, analysis, storage, comparison and other functions. User-friendly design, easy to operate.


    Main configuration:

    1. Real high-precision closed cavity structure with the United States Alpha synchronization.

    2. United States high-precision sensors, precision of 0.001N.M

    3. Japan NSK high-precision bearings.

    4. Sino-British joint venture SDPC Group high-performance cylinder.

    5. Sino-foreign joint venture Germany West pneumatic components.

    6. Powerful dedicated module, advanced technology, test data and alpha synchronization.

    7. The door automatically lift, security protection.

    8. The key components of electronic components using military components, reliable quality, stable performance.

    9. Computer software directly temperature control, Alpha technology accuracy of 0.01 .

    10. 19 inch brand LCD computer, HP color printer.


    Main technical specifications

    Temperature range: 0 ~ 200

    Heating time: 10min

    Mold body temperature fluctuation: ≤ ± 0.1 %

    Torque range: 0 ~ 20N.m

    Swing frequency: 1.7Hz (100r.min-1)

    Swing amplitude: ± 0.5 ° ± 1 °

    Mold cavity structure: Monsanto form

    Report contents: ML, MH, ts1, ts2, t10, t30, t50, t70, t90, vulcanization curve, temperature curve

    Standard: ASTM D5289-95 ISO 6502: 1991 GB / T16584-1996

    Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10%

    Dimensions: (L*W*H) 680mm * 650mm * 1100mm

    Net weight 230Kg

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