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Mooney Viscometer
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  • Model:BN-4000D
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    Mooney viscometer is used to determine the viscosity, scorch and vulcanization index of of raw rubber or mixing rubber. Mooney viscometer using computer control, data display, automatic calibration, it is the an ideal experimental equipment in rubber industry and scientific research units. Imported intelligent digital temperature control, simple setting, wide temperature range. Microcomputer using imported chips, high reliability, all the data can be automatically calculated, printing.

    Instrument characteristics:

    1. High temperature control accuracy, wide range. (± 0.1 ° C)

    2. Clock programming function. (setting and modify time)

    3. Advanced technology switching power supply, wide voltage range.

    4. Imported integrated circuits and control components.

    5. The overall processing mold cavity, more accuracy.

    6. The spindle square hole from the high-precision walking wire processing, high precision.


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    6. The key components of electronic components using military components, reliable quality, stable performance.

    7,19 inch brand LCD computer, HP color printer.


    Technical parameter




    ASTM-D1646, ISO-289,JIS K 6300 , and other

    Rotor speed

    2±0.02 rpm

    Temperature control

    Controlled by computer & PID SSR

    Temperature range

    Room temp. ~ 200°C

    Temperature accuracy

    ± 0.3

    Temperature resolution


    Temperature recovery time

    100°C < 60 seconds after closed cavity

    Heating time

    30 ~ 100°C < 5 minutes

    Mooney viscosity range

    1~200 Mooney Units

    Torque Unit

    kg-cm / lb-in / N-m / dN-m / Mooney

    Torque minimum reading

    0.1 unit

    Function and test data

    Mooney viscosityMooney scorchstress relaxation, Maximum Mooney valueminimum Mooney valuetHtLMendTend1530M1+4M1+5 M1+6M1+7M1+8M1+F

    Test time range

    0-200 minutes, resolution 1 second


    1 Phase, AC 220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

    Working environment

    Ambient temperature: 0-35 ° C, relative humidity: <80%

    Air pressure

    0.45-0.6MPa, Prepared by customer

    Dimension (W x D x H)

    70 x 81 x 130 cm


    220 kg

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