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Paper cup stiffness tester
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  • Computer paper cup stiffness tester is mainly used to detect the stiffness of paper cup body, is a necessary quality control testing equipment for the production enterprises of paper cup and paper bowl. Place the sample cup on the active platform of stiffness tester, so that the sensor probe just perpendicular to the cup side of the wall, adjust the activities bench, so that the vertical distance between the probe and the bottom of the cup about two thirds high. The instrument automatically records the stiffness value after moving forward a certain distance.


    Technical features:

    1. Microcomputer processing system, PVC control panel, large-screen LCD display;

    2. Automatic electronic test equipment, easy to use, wider test range;

    3. Experiment process a key operation, to avoid human error;

    4. Microcomputer system, automatically determine the initial test state;

    5. Equipped with micro-printer, easy to quickly output data;

    6. Double-headed paper cup cup body stiffness test structure design, test data more accurate;

    7. Built-in tray automatic lifting mechanism, high degree of automation;


    Technical parameters: 



    Measuring range

    0-20N, Resolution 0.01N

    Indication error


    Indication variability


    Measurable cup caliber


    Paper cup height

    15≤L≤120 (adjustable)

    Test speed

    50±2.5mm/min (1-200 continuously adjustable)

    Force distance


    Man - machine interface

    4.0in touch screen operation interface, real-time curve display

    Data communication

    Built-in R232 interface, can be arbitrarily switched to connect the computer.

    Data printing

    Built-in thermal printer

    Dimensions (L × W × H)




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