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Schopper air permeability tester
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  • Schopper air permeability tester is used to test air permeability of a variety of paper, such as cement bag paper, paper bag paper, cable paper, copy paper and industrial filter paper. It is suitable for the paper with air permeability between 1 × 10-2-1 × 102um / (Pa.S) and is not suitable for paper with large roughness surface.


    Technical parameters:



    Measuring range

    0 ~ 1000ml / min

    Test area

    10 ± 0.02 cm2

    Test area pressure

    1 ± 0.01Kpa

    Measurement accuracy

    less than 100ml, error 1ml; greater than 100ml, error of 5ml

    Inner diameter of the ring

    35.68 ± 0.05 mm

    The coaxial degree of upper and lower ring center hole

    less than 0.05 mm

    Environmental conditions

    temperature 20 ~ 40 , relative humidity <85%





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