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Rapid Temperature Test Chamber
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  • Model:BN-RT Series
  • I. Usage:

       The rapid temperature and humidity chamber is to simulate the product in the climatic environment temperature and humidity combination conditions (high and low temperature operation & storage, temperature cycle, high temperature and humidity, low temperature and low humidity, condensation test, etc.) Whether their ability to adapt and change their characteristics. To meet the requirements of international standards (IEC, JIS, GB, MIL ...) to achieve international measurement procedures consistency (including test procedures, conditions, methods) to avoid cognitive differences, and narrow the uncertainty of the range of factors occur.

        This product is based on user requirements, mainly to provide temperature and humidity environment test for the aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, military, automobile (motorcycle), ship, electronics, communications and other scientific research and production, in order to assess the adaptability of the test sample or the behavior of the test object. It is an important means in the new product development, prototype test and the whole product qualification test process.


    II. Features:

    1. Advanced test system structure design, manufacturing process beautiful, appearance generous.

    2. World famous brand configuration (high gold content), advanced and reliable technical principles, noise and energy saving to get the best control - its performance can replace similar foreign products.

    3. The control cabinet all the wires are dedicated equipment to print the serial number and number, clear lines, at a glance.

    4. Larger storage area and load heat in the same volume.

    5. Using US new PWM refrigerant control technology to achieve low-temperature energy-saving operation: low temperature working conditions, the heater does not participate in the work, through the PWM technology to control the refrigeration unit refrigerant flow and flow, the cooling pipe, Bypass pipe three-way flow adjustment, to achieve the studio temperature automatically constant. This mode can achieve a 40% reduction in energy consumption at low temperatures.

    6. To prevent the test product not condensation control conditions.

    7. Communication configuration RS232 interface and USB storage download function.

    8. Multiple alarm monitoring, configure the wireless remote alarm function.

    9. The safest water system and the regeneration of the water cycle system.

    10. Humidity effect can reach 40 / 10% RH performance, dehumidification speed fast.

    11. To prevent electrostatic energy consumption strong, to achieve the best performance in the same industry.


    III. Main technical parameters:








    Internal dimensions W × H × D (cm)



    50×75 ×60




    External dimensions W × H × D (cm)








    Control method

    Balance thermostat and humidity control (BTHC) PID intelligent adjustment

    Temperature range


    Humidity range


    Temperature and humidity uniformity


    Temperature and humidity fluctuation


    Rapid temperature change range

    A-45℃~85 / B-20℃~85

    Rapid temperature change rate

    5/min 10/min 15/min 20/min 25/min, can be customized according to customer requirements


    Material of inner box

    SUS304 bright stainless steel plate

    Material of outer box

    SUS304 drawing stainless steel plate or rust-proof cold-rolled steel plate

    Insulation material

    Ultra-fine glass wool + polyurethane foam



    French Taikang Compressor, or water tower



    Condensation method

    Air cool, water cool


    Nickel-chromium alloy stainless steel heater

    Airflow mode

    Broadband forced air circulation (up and down)


    Operation interface

    LCD touch screen, switch between Chinese and English (South Korea TEMI880)

    Mode of operation

    Program operation

    Program memory capacity

    120 groups of programmable, each program up to 999 paragraphs


    Temperature: 0.1 ° C; humidity: 0.1% RH

    Communication function

    RS-232 interface

    Subsidiary function

    Upper and lower limit alarm, self-diagnosis, alarm display (cause of failure), timing device (automatic switch machine)

    Standard configuration

    Observation window*1, test hole *1, sample rack*2, fluorescent lamp*1 and water supply tank*1

    Safety devices

    No fuse switch, anti-dry device, water system protection device, extreme high and low temperature protection, temperature deviation alarm, overpressure, overload, water shortage, phase protection

    Power supply

    220V/380V 60/50Hz

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