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Xenon Light Colorfastness Tester
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  • I. Usage

    This product is using a xenon arc lamp as a light source, simulated and enhanced weathering accelerated aging test equipment, to quickly get near atmospheric aging test results, used to evaluate the weather resistance of the material. The weathering test is an important means of optimizing the composition of the product in the process of scientific research and production. It is also an important part of the product quality inspection. Application materials such as coatings, plastic, aluminum-plastic plate and automobile safety glass are required to do weatherability test.

         The main factors that cause the aging of the material are sunlight and moisture. The weathering chamber can simulate hazards caused by sunlight, rain and dew. The weathering chamber uses the xenon lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight. The condensed moisture simulates the rain and dew, and the measured material is placed at a certain temperature. The test is carried out in alternating light and moisture cycles. It can be used for several days or weeks To reproduce the outdoor months and even years of harm. Artificial accelerated aging test data can help to select new materials, modify existing materials, and evaluate how the formulation changes affect the durability of the product.


    II. Main technical parameters





    Inner volume




    Inner dimension(W×H×D)




    Outer dimension(W×H×D)




    Performance Indicators

    Test environmental conditions

    Ambient temperature of -10 ~ +28 , relative humidity ≤ 85%

    Test methods

    GB/T16422.2,AATCC TM16, ASTM C1442, etc

    Xenon lamp power

    Long arc xenon lamp, 2.5KW X1 (Optional)

    Xenon lamp wavelength

    250-800nm, the maximum reproduction of the sun's aging mechanism, can be set to test the sample for 24 hours and exposed to the equivalent of summer noon when the lighting environment, compared with the actual outdoor environment, the average light intensity stronger and longer, so that the test results can be quickly obtained.

    Irradiation intensity

    300-800 W / M2 (at 200-800nm) adjustable
    0.30-0.57 W / M2 (at 340nm) adjustable
    0.66-1.22 W / M2 (at 420nm) adjustable

    Irradiation intensity adjustment

    Microcomputer + PID digital+ xenon lamp stepless adjustment

    Irradiation intensity measurement

    1, without sun eyes, artificial calibration
    2, with sun eyes, automatic measurement


    1.S1 high purity quartz glass, the spectral value of irradiance on the sample near to the value of the ground sun.

    2. Modular design according to the test space, optimize the combination.

    3. Depending on the environment, you can choose to simulate direct sunlight or window glass to transmit sunlight.

     4. Unless the filter is damaged, generally do not need to replace the filter.

    Blackboard temperature range

    (Room temperature + 10 ) ~ 100 adjustable

    Temperature fluctuation

    ± 0.5

    Temperature uniformity

    ≤ ± 2

    Humidity range

    45% R.H ~ 75% R.H adjustable

    Humidity deviation

    + 2% R.H-3% R.H.

    The distance of arc center to tray

    200 ~ 500mm adjustable

    Dark cycle, irradiation cycle

    0 ~ 9999H adjustable

    Rain cycle

    0 ~ 9999min adjustable

    Temperature humidity control system

    Accuracy range

    Setting accuracy: temperature ± 0.1 , humidity ± 0.1 R · H

    Temperature and humidity sensor

    Platinum resistance Pt100Ω / mv

    Heating system

    Fully independent system, nickel-chromium alloy electric heating heater

    Humidification system

    External Isolated Stainless Steel Superficial Evaporative Humidifier

    Blackboard temperature

    Bimetallic blackboard thermometer 55 ~ 75

    Xenon lamp cooling

    Humidification water supply using automatic control, unique xenon lamp cooling air flow channel, exhaust resistance is small, high reflective efficiency

    Temperature Controller

    Import microcomputer temperature and humidity integrated controller


    30% to 65% RH when irradiated in the dark up to 90% RH

    Circulatory system

    Temperature and low noise air conditioning motor, multi-leaf centrifugal wind wheel

    Material of chamber

    Material of outer box

    Advanced spray plastic plate / SUS304 stainless steel matte line hair pattern processing

    Material of inner box

    SUS304 quality stainless steel light board

    Material of sample shelf

    SUS304 quality stainless steel bar

    Door frame insulation

    Resistant high and low temperature aging silicone rubber door seal

    Standard configuration

    Radiation protection glass window *1, test rack *1, xenon lamp tube *1

    Safety protection

    Leakage, short circuit, overtemperature, water shortage, motor overheating, overcurrent protection / controller power failure memory

    Power supply voltage

    AC220V±10% 50/60HZ Single phase two-wire + protection ground, AC380V ±10% 50/60HZ Three phase two-wire + protection ground


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